The Benware networK

This site was created to provide everyone with a central point to the most important freeware instead of having to spend time looking for the software on the internet, with a straigh to download link as so many freeware sites are unable to host their own software and rely on other hosting providers.

We personaly ensure that only the latest versions of the freeware are listed on this site and we try to provide you with only the most important information about the install with the help of our easy to use legand.

We like to think the followiing as a definition of what benware is;

Benware \ben-ware\, noun; the name used in reference to any software that is freely available for both business and personal use containing no spyware, malware or virus.

If you have any suggested additions to our list as we are always looking to expand please send a request to us here so we can add it our the list.

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